Winter Preparations for Summer Bounty

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It’s sort of a given that farmers can’t really harvest in the winter unless they have a facility that can grow indoors, and even then it’s a tricky season. Have you ever wondered what we do during the cold season to prepare for a successful and bountiful crop at next harvest? This list includes quite a few examples, but keep in mind that it’s not all-inclusive. Livestock still needs to be tended It’s true that crop work all but stops in the winter, but animals don’t take seasonal breaks and still need constant care. For those of us who raise animals on our farms, the winter can actually add...

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4 Steps To Sustainable Holiday Celebrations

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  The growing interest in sustainability and responsible eating and spending habits is something we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving. The holidays are filled with warmth, family, love, and, of course, food. Gift-giving and cooking are money-spending hallmarks of this season, and it’s important to remember the impact that your shopping decisions have on everything from your local economy to national and even international agricultural trends. Do you want to ensure that you’re putting your interest in sustainability, natural and healthy foods, and local food to good use? Here are some...

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Buying Local Is An Investment Your Locale

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Buying local is an investment not only in your local economy, but also in the practices and ideals of the area in which you’re shopping. You get to know who your goods and services are coming from and get to support the local economy. In our case, you even get to know exactly where your food comes from.

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Why We Eat Real Food, Not Nutrients

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After decades of nutrition advice from so-called professionals, no one has any idea what is healthy and what isn’t.

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Americans Are No Longer Interested In Dieting

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Eating real food is much more sustainable than any fad diet.

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5 Seasonal Vegetables To Look For at Your Farmer’s Market

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The weather is finally starting to warm up here in Iowa, and we’re in the mood for spring produce.

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White Striping Affects 96 Percent of Factory Farmed Chicken

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White striping is making the rounds in the news these days, and for good reason. However, the problem itself has been growing for a long time. For those who haven’t heard, a muscular disease is impacting factory farmed chickens, and experts suspect it’s the chickens’ alarming growth rates that are causing the disorder. What is White Striping? White striping refers to a series of white lines that appear on chicken meat. These stripes are becoming more and more common, so you may not even give thought to them if you see them on your chicken breasts. But actually, this is a major problem. The...

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The Health Benefits of Lamb and Goat Meat

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Here in the US, chicken, pork and beef reign supreme when it comes to consumers’ favorite meat choices. However, this isn’t the case in other parts of the world. Lamb and goat are particularly popular in many European, Asian and Oceanic countries, and for good reason. They’re incredibly tasty, and also very healthy to eat. Look, we love our beef and poultry products. But if you haven’t tried lamb or goat meat yet, you’re missing out. Here are just a few reasons you should consider adding lamb and goat meat into your diet.  Diversify Your Food Profile Every creature is a little different, and...

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Eating Local Meat is Actually More Sustainable than Veganism

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Caring about the environment is absolutely a noble cause, and one that we at Heartland Family Farms take seriously. However, if you follow environmental news at all, you’ll probably have heard that going vegetarian is one of the best ways to save the planet — and that’s a notion we want to help lay to rest. Let me explain. First of all, let’s take a look at some of the research that has led to the notion that raising livestock is bad for the planet. A lot of this belief comes from a report published by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization titled “Livestock’s Long Shadow.” The report,...

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Does the Quality of Your Meat Affect Your Health?

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You already know that the image of a fresh family farm is infinitely more pleasant than that of a factory farm. Obviously, wide-open spaces, a loving family of caretakers, happy animals and fresher produce looks a lot better than cramped spaces, pesticide-sprayed plants, and animals living in poor conditions. But does the way your meat is raised actually affect your health in any way? Turns out, what’s good for animals is good for us. And there’s plenty of science behind the idea. Here are just three of the reasons why farm-fresh products are better for you and your family’s health. ...

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The Story Behind Your Egg Yolks

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Here in the US, many of us have grown accustomed to pale yellow egg yolks. If we saw the egg yolks from chickens raised abroad, we’d probably wonder what the heck was wrong with our eggs. It may surprise you to know that the natural color of wild poultry eggs is actually a deep orange color, not quite as bright as the outer peel of a particularly ripe orange. Of course, there’s plenty of room for variance in nature – sometimes you might encounter a bright yellow yolk or one that has a paler hue. But in nature, you’d never find the millions of similarly colored pale yellow egg yolks...

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How Do You Spell Transparency?

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When’s the last time you looked at a menu and read that something was “sustainably sourced,” “organically grown” or “farm-to-table”? If you’re like most of us, it probably wasn’t too long ago. In fact, these buzz words of the food industry have been trending for years. Why? Because restaurants and manufacturers know that customers want to trust the food they’re putting into their bodies. But it’s more than just these fancy buzz words that are trending within the food, restaurant, and agriculture industry – it’s transparency and trust in general. Consider...

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