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At Heartland Fresh Family Farm we know that you feel better about buying food when you know that it’s fresh and completely natural. We do too! We’re proud of the high-quality meat and veggies we produce locally, and that’s why we think you’ll be completely satisfied with the food you buy from us.

Here’s a look at the way we produce healthy food:

Our Food

Most of our livestock graze rich pasture nearly all of their lives. We use no antibiotics, no hormone implants, no chemical fertilizers or herbicides on any of our pastures or produce. That means you can be confident that the food you buy is all-natural and completely healthy for you and your family to eat.

As stewards of the land, we believe that nature provides the best pattern to follow to produce food for your table and as a result we take a sustainable, non-industrial approach to this noble profession. Nature is all about diversity, and our pastured livestock, free-range poultry, and naturally grown vegetables allow us to heal the land, create healthy soil, and provide safe, healthy food.

Our Service and You

We want you to feel great about purchasing our naturally produced food, but we also want it to be easy for you. That’s why we offer farm-to-door delivery for homes that are generally within 200 miles of Heartland. We’ll deliver as far as Kansas City, St. Louis and even Chicago! Not sure if we’ll deliver to you? Give us a call, and we’ll have a great discussion about the farm and how we might be able to help you out!

We don’t want you to just buy from us, we want you to be part of our farm family, by understanding what goes on at the farm and what goes into your food. We want you to know the farmer that produced your food. Check out our blog and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, to get a full understanding of how the food you buy from us is safe, healthy and delicious. Better yet go the old fashioned route and just pick up the phone and call us.

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A few years ago our family raised three calves as a family livestock project. We raised the most delicious grass-fed beef we had ever had.  We were thrilled to find Heartland Fresh Family Farm beef to be just as high quality and delicious. My husband and I were both raised on farms and acutely aware of livestock practices in Iowa. Sourcing our beef from Heartland Fresh, we have the peace of mind knowing the cattle are raised on pasture without antibiotics and hormones.

Shawn and Detra Dettmann

Lockridge, Iowa

Return Policy

We always stand behind our products and we think you’ll find them absolutely great. If, however, for whatever unfortunate reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, just give us a call and we’ll give your money back, no questions asked.

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