Common FAQs

Why can’t I get my order the next day?

We want your product to be as fresh as possible so as much as possible we only process orders as we get them and we dont keep a bunch of product laying around in a freezer. Also we’re a small farm compared to most and as such we only have a few animals ready to be processed at a time. Grocery stores on the other hand buy product in bulk from commodity producers whom harvest thousand of animals each day. In many cases they do not know how those animals were raised or even where they were raised.

Why don’t you ship product via mail or paid carrier?

We are trying to make our products affordable for anyone that wants to try them. One key to doing that is keeping shipping costs down. That’s why we don’t ship outside of 200 miles and also why we try to group orders together as much as possible. Shipping only close to home and only when we have multiple orders helps us keep our product close in price to what you might buy in the grocers isle, even if their quality isn’t as good as ours. That said, anyone can stop at the farm to pick up product by calling ahead and placing an order.

Tell me about how you care for your animals.

Think about it this way. We earn our living from this business and we feed our family, our own children, from the bounty of this farm. Animals which are poorly cared for oftentimes do not thrive, can be prone to disease, and as a result may not produce a safe wholesome product that you would choose to feed your children. So in addition to just simply being the right thing to do morally to treat our animals with the respect that God has called us to show, it is also a matter of food safety and economic sustainability. Why would we intentionally do the wrong thing to produce an inferior product that is not economically sustainable and potentially unsafe? It’s hard for us to think of a reason. It just makes no sense any way you look at it to not do a great job of caring for the animals that we have been entrusted to watch over. Come see it for yourself.

Why don’t you get certified organic by the government?

We don’t believe we need nor do we want government involved in anything we do. The founders of our nation did an incredible job in defining the role of government when they crafted the constitution, a fact that is lost on many people in our nation. Nowhere in that wonderfully pure work do the founders talk about how the government should regulate specific items in our daily life, not the least of which the food we should eat. As such the government can’t do anything to certify our product that you can’t do yourself. All it takes is a little courage to develop a relationship with us, ask us a bunch of questions, and if you would like, make a trip out to the farm to visit with us face to face and see for yourself how clean and beautiful this land is when its managed sustainably, with respect for the generations that are yet to come. There is no way that the government can act as a surrogate for you when trying to understand how your food was raised. So ask yourself “why would we want to be certified” when together we can do the same thing by developing a relationship with one another.

Do your animals spend anytime inside?

Yes they do. At certain time of the year, especially in winter, we provide our animals access to shelter and that’s typically either a stand of trees in the timber for the cows, or a building with walls and a roof for the poultry and pigs. To understand that a little better, think about your dog or cat and then think about the coldest day of the winter here in the Midwest. Would you intentionally choose to kick your dog or cat outside for the entire night with no shelter of any sort? No dog house, no wall to get behind, no protection from predators. If they didn’t freeze to death they would get eaten by the coyotes before the first glimmer of morning light. So why would we choose to be idealists and ask our animals to be without shelter? We wouldn’t. We would be poor caretakers if we did.

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The meat is first class.  I am pretty stuck on Amana brand beef, so I was pleasantly surprised that Heartland Fresh’s grass fed beef could be so tender and delicious.  Previously, I had thought that grass fed beef tended to be tough.  My opinion has definitely changed since ordering Heartland Fresh meat.

Conley Wright

Fairfield, Iowa

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We always stand behind our products and we think you’ll find them absolutely great. If, however, for whatever unfortunate reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, just give us a call and we’ll give your money back, no questions asked.

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