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Welcome to Heartland Fresh Family Farm! We’re thrilled you’re here. Our family farm is located in the rolling hills of southeast Iowa, and is operated by myself, my husband Mark, our sons, Lauren and Ben, and our daughter Grace, with some 
help from our Border Collie, Socks, a pack of felines led by a large tomcat named Rascal, and two horses.

My husband and I are both natives of southeast Iowa and we have been involved in agriculture our entire lives; our children 
represent the fifth generation of farmers on the land, and we’re so excited they love what we do as much as we do.

Given that we have spent our entire lives in agriculture on top of having lived full careers in agribusiness, we have a unique perspective of our country’s food system. We believe there is a better way and that way starts with the fact that every person has the right to know where their food comes from and how it was raised. That right can and should be played out through choice. The choice to spend the time to get to know the farmer who is helping you place safe, wholesome food on your kitchen table for your family. We help you make it easy to exercise choice regarding the food you provide your family through great one-on-one, face-to-face visits.

Anyone is welcome to visit our farm at any time. We love to use the farm as a classroom to teach as many visitors 
as possible about sustainable agriculture and what a healthy food system really looks like.

Thanks so much for considering our farm as a source of safe, healthy, and wholesome food for your family. 
Hurry on out to visit us or just give us a call to chat.

We want to be your farmer!
Leslie Hulsebus

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