About Us

Welcome to Heartland Fresh Family Farm! We’re thrilled you’re here. Our family farm is located in the rolling hills 
of southeast Iowa, and is operated by myself, my husband Mark, our son, Lauren, our daughter Grace, and the most recent addition to our herd, our son Ben! We also get a lot of help from our Border Collie, Socks, a pack of felines led by a large tomcat named Rascal, and four horses.

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We’re Different

At Heartland Fresh Family Farm we know that you feel better about buying food when you know that it’s fresh and completely natural. We do too! We’re proud of the high-quality meat and veggies we produce locally, and that’s why we think you’ll be completely satisfied with the food you buy from us.

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Fresh Views on Farming


On our blog we tackle hard issues that are important to all of us as citizens of our country that range from food to farming to family. Our latest blog posts are listed chronologically below.

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